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We are a full service management consultancy that specialises in data

Data Strategy & Governance

Get your data generating value for your enterprise. Data Analytics has a proven Data Management Framework that can guide you through implementing rock-solid Data Governance and a Data Strategy customised for your circumstances,

Analytics Capability

Data Analytics can architect and implement your internal data capability to suit your business including cloud technology, DevOps, standards, processes, tools, recruitment, upskilling, service structuring, privacy, security, etc

Vertical Data Solutions

Prove to your organisation the power of data with a rapid end-to-end data driven business solution co-delivered with Data Analytics through a rapid agile methodology: Algorithms, Robotic Process Automation, Visualisation, Dashboards and more.

Strategy Facilitation

Our expert facilitators will guide your board and executive through proven strategy generation processes  that spawn new thinking, brings all stakeholders along the journey, and helps your business face up to the brutal facts

Change Implementation

Data Analytics can help guide your team through the implementation of your new Organisational Strategy or that crucial Whole-of-Enterprise Program. With a proven Enterprise Change Framework that delivers sustained, low resistance change that is crucial to make your plans materialise.

Enterprise Risk

Data Analytics' ISO30000 enterprise risk management  implementation framework can embed risk-based decision making throughout your organisation and then not only ensure it stays functional but continually improves.

About us

We provide the best data consulting services for businesses in every industry. Whether you are a new startup or a large company looking to broaden your horizons, our team of experts will help you make the right decisions for you.

From helping you refine your data science capability, enhancing your data quality, guiding you toward an ethical use of AI and managing your enterpise change programs, we provide all services to ensure the success of your business.

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Data Analytics has been delivering for clients for over two decades across many industries and in multiple Asia-Pac countries.  The first company in the world to realise the value of Data Analytics to corporate success and one of the first to establish an online management consultancy (established 1999).  If its rapid sustainable business results you are after then Data Analytics is the consultancy for your organisation.

Our Experience

From helping you refine your executive decision making, enhancing your data strategies, guiding you to choose the right cloud technology vendors and establishing your enterprise risk management, we provide all services to ensure the success of your business.

Statistics & Analytic
Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Architecture
Data Governance & Strategy

Case Studies

Queensland’s Fire & Emergency Service (QFES) Strategic Future’s lead Nicole Lott knew she was about to receive a call from her commissioner Katarina Carroll asking about where QFES should invest its precious capital and operational resources to best benefit the people of Queensland in an ever changing world of disasters and climate change. Data Analytics worked with Nicole’s team to provide a whole new objective model based on 1000s of stochastically generated scenarios to tease out where QFES needed to most invest over the next 10 years.  Data Analytics was awarded the Fire Services Medal for it’s innovative contribution to the people of Queensland.

We must find an objective way to determine where the greatest needs are.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say
I recommended the award for Jeff and his team due to the all-round strength of the innovative solution. It wasn't just a data model; it was an entire sustainable system that added a new capability to our organisation.
Nicole Lott, Director, QFES Futures

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